Baby Fish



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Yihaa! Our smallest shark teeth are back in stock! Choose an upper or lower shark tooth wrapped with gold filled or .925 sterling silver wire. Fun to wear as an earring or as a pendant around your neck. Available with or without earring. Height: 1 cm. Width: 1 cm. All our teeth are unique and can therefore vary in shape and size. They are legally imported from Florida, USA, are USFWS permitted and come from non-protected species that were an accidental catch. Some teeth are more rare than others, which explains the difference in pricing between them. Our earrings can be ordered in sizes 10mm and 12mm and are either .925 sterling silver or gold plated on .925 sterling silver. Make sure to read our care instructions to prolong durability. Pictures show the Baby Fish portrayed next to our Big Fish & Little Fish pendants to show you the size. An upper tooth is heart-shaped, a lower tooth has the shape of the letter T. Choose the one that suits you best! Song to tune in to: Joe Purdy – Skinny Dippin Girl

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