Fishnet Bag



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At ZILT Amsterdam, we felt like doing something new for the summer, so we decided to design our own bag with reference to the ocean.

Join us in our challenge to minimize the use of plastic by using our fashionable Fishnet Bag. Made from 100% cotton, this stunner is a perfect bag for strolling the city streets, relaxing on the beach or visiting markets. We decided to minimize our profit on this item, in order to promote the use of durable material instead of plastic.

Our Fishnet Bag is very firm, sturdy and solid and therefore able to carry a load. The handle and size are designed so it can be carried in 3 ways: as a shoulder bag, on your arm or in your hands. It might seem small at first sight, but fill it up with your summer essentials and you’ll find it having the perfect size, without being bulky or lumpy. Plus, it folds up so easily that you can put it in a small purse and take it everywhere you go.

The bag measures about 45×35 cm (including handle, depends on how much you put in it as it stretches), includes a luxury cotton label and the handles are made of beautiful fishbone cotton, another reference to our inspiration: the ocean. Machine-washable.

For this item only, free pick-up in Amsterdam is possible. Please use the coupon code: fishnetbag-pickup while checking out. We will contact you to set up a pick-up date and time.

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