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Almost all our items are handmade with love in our little studio in Amsterdam. Did you know all our rings are made exactly to size?


We care about our planet, did you know that we have just donated a significant amount to the Ocean Cleanup?

amsterdam based

Born at the beach and now based in the vibrant city center, ZILT Amsterdam breathes the city’s elegance and uniqueness.

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About ZILT Amsterdam

All ZILT Amsterdam jewelry is handmade, and most is created in our little studio in Amsterdam. Because we work with natural materials every piece is unique and has its own story. They come in all shapes and sizes, just like you and me! Go and find the shape that suits you best. For us, quality and durability is important; we want to create a product that you’ll enjoy for a long time. Therefore, most ZILT Amsterdam jewelry is  .925 sterling silver or gold filled to guarantee the highest quality and durability.

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